1. thicksexywomen:


    Fuck!!! That is as Perfect as it gets!!!!! >8-)


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  2. theboudoirbunny2k7:


    Wide awake

    Shameless plug lol

    Am I infatuated?  Yeah.. Of course! :)  she is sexy.


  3. TheBoudoirBunny:  Damn you are hot!  What a sexy ass woman you are!


  4. thecaramelbunny2k7:

    I’ve been picked on about my size all my life. Ive been made a victim about my size. Hidden by guys who said they liked me but because I was chubby wouldn’t want to have be seen out with me..ive had people think I’m just a “horny fat girl who wants attention” because I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’ve been called so many names it’s no longer funny. I’ve been tormented on social media by people who just think im ugly simply because of my size.
    I’ve never been desperate for a guys attention and I’ve never needed that to live. So it sucks when some guys feel that they’re helping me by investing time in me when that’s not true. It’s tiring because here I am. Here is me. And I’m confident And secure in myself.

    I’ve never been a small girl never will be a small girl. I eat clean and I’m active it’s just not meant for me to be small. And now I’m okay with that. Sadly the world isn’t. Thankfully the world doesn’t determine the joy I have for myself. Yes I have a tummy and serious thunder thighs and boobs and butt and cellulite but even through my improvements gains and losses I have to take a stand and be happy for myself. So here I am. Fat. And. Happy. That may be gross to you but it’s who I am and I love and accept myself. And for those who feel like I’m a fat whale and should cover up… God showed out when he made this shamu because I’m one fine fucking whale.

    Also. My friend needs to clean her got damned room but the mirror is nice tho.

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  5. gurillaboythamane:


    Always liked me some jennifer love hewitt but she ain’t that thick


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    Sibongile Cummings

    her body is perfection


    Good God

    Black is fucking incredible!

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